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Immigrating to the United States represents a tremendous aspiration for countless individuals all over the world. In pursuit of a better career, education and improved living conditions for their families, many people want to settle in this country. The U.S. offers a well established infrastructure, freedom to move among the 50 states, a free and democratic political system, and a free market economy. However, the ability to legally reside, study, and work in the U.S. can become a lengthy matter for many. Over the years, U.S. immigration laws have become complex as if one is traversing a bureaucratic maze. Unintentional mistakes can bring forth harsh consequences which are difficult to overcome.

An experienced immigration practitioner can lead you on an expedient path to U.S. permanent residency/citizenship, ensuring that you do not violate any terms and conditions of your visa or status while in the U.S. With over 10 years of specialized knowledge and success, in business and family immigration, attorney Reshma D. Parmar is experienced in nonimmigrant visas (such as H-1Bs, L-1s, F-1s, TNs, B-1/B-2s, etc.) and formulating a clear strategy to permanent resident status, through the complex PERM process and other, faster avenues such as Extraordinary Ability alien (EB1), International Managers and Executives (EB1), National Interest Waiver (NIW), Outstanding Researcher (OR), etc.

Services We Offer
Below is a partial list of immigration services provided by Parmar Legal, covering both Employment based and Family immigration law.

NonImmigrant or Temporary Visas These are the most common U.S. temporary visas.

Immigrant Visas/Permanent Residency Avenues

Non-PERM routes to U.S. Permanent Residency

Family Immigration
Petition for Alien Relative for Issuance of Immigrant Visa (I-130) (For Spouse, Parent, Children, Siblings)


Requests for Evidence, Appeals, De Novo Filings
In dealing with difficult immigration scenarios, Parmar Legal will advocate formidably on behalf of the client, providing you with effective solutions to deal with difficult cases, requests for evidence, prior denials or appeals, re-filings, and have extensive experience being in contact with USCIS, U.S. DOL, U.S. Consulates abroad, U.S. DOS, local immigration offices, etc.

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My firm is dedicated to providing exceptional immigration advice and service to you, ensuring your calls are promptly returned, keeping you apprised of the status of your case and filing. Parmar Legal can provide you with reliable, ethical representation at affordable rates, a substantive consultation and flat fees for most immigration situations. Parmar Legal offers evening and weekend consultations and service.From here, we can determine your precise needs and create a suitable immigration strategy.

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